Gazelle conference

Gazelle conference

Smedengineering as a participant attended to Gazelle conferance in Trondheim 25.11.2014.

Norwegian bussiness newspaper Dagens Næringsliv:

“Some businesses are worth a closer look at because they are able to accelerate both good and bad times.Gazelle conferences about the ones who have managed the very best, not to mention how they have managed it.

The criterion for becoming a Gazelle Company are:

  • Delivered approved accounting
  • At least doubled its turnover over four years
  • Revenue over one million first year
  • Positive margins
  • Avoided negative growth
  • Been corporation

Gazelle series has led to very positive reactions among our readers. We have every autumn influx from companies who want to know if they satisfy the criteria for getting on gazelle list already ahead of the local rankings. Many also face forward at the local gazelle conferences. Local media reviews in increasingly our local conferences and our county gazelle awards. Against this backdrop it goes without saying that the appointment “Year Gazelle” is a recognition that will be emphasized in Norwegian industry.”

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